How to Design an Inviting Home Office in a Small Space… with Leila Loves Design.

Written By Alice Robertson

Having a dedicated workspace at home is essential for productivity, whether you’re starting your own business, working on a hobby, or bringing work home from the office. Fortunately, you can set up a comfortable and welcoming home office in nearly any space, regardless of size. All you need is a little attention to detail and some smart, functional design ideas. Before long, you’ll be ready to enjoy your own personal office space in style!

Leila Suggests…

Planning for Your Space

Before you start buying furniture and office supplies, decide how much work area and storage space you need. A tiny desk will be fine if you’re just going to work on a laptop, but you’ll want a little more surface area if you will write in notebooks or sketch.

Alternatively, built-in desks work very well in smaller areas to maximise space, meshing seamlessly with the rest of your home. These also help minimise clutter by incorporating plenty of built-in storage space. Leila Loves Design recommend installing a built-in desk under a staircase or in your kitchen. You could also incorporate a desk into a small closet or add a long, narrow desk along a wall in the guest room. Keeping your home office separate from your main living area will help you avoid distractions.

Budgeting and Prioritising Your Spending

Decide how much you’re willing to spend on each office item before you start shopping. According to, you can expect to spend anywhere from £1035 to more than £19,800 on a home office. The highest end of this price range includes converting an attic into a professional office with high-end equipment.

If you’re on a tight budget, try to prioritise your spending on a supportive chair and confine your bargain-hunting to other pieces of furniture. IKEA is an excellent place to find cheap, simple furniture.

In addition to furniture, don’t forget to budget for any office equipment you need, such as a printer, external hard drive, personal server, computer, phone line, and a paper shredder.

Add Essential Comforts

Add comfort to your space so you can stay focused and clear-headed at your desk. Fans and air purifiers provide fresh air and cooling circulation — this is especially important if your office is in a small closet or tight corner. Fans have the added benefit of providing white noise to block out distracting sounds. On the other hand, a small space heater in the winter can be a big help if you’re sensitive to the cold from a nearby window.

Privacy is also important, so consider putting up a portable screen or using a bookcase as a divider wall if your office is in a main area of the home. Also, pay special attention to the lighting in your space. Natural light is always best. However, if it’s not possible to set up your office near a window, use softened ambient light instead of glaring overhead lights. Lampshades, wall sconces, and strip lighting can help you accomplish this.

Take Advantage of Functional Décor

Finally, use functional décor to increase the speed and efficiency of your work. When organised nicely and adorned with a few favorite trinkets and photos, your shelving units can look great while giving you quick access to your office essentials. A whiteboard, cork board, and calendar can help you stay on track while enhancing the visual appeal of your office area. Believe it or not, even adding a few live plants to your workspace can increase your productivity by 15 percent. Plus, many houseplants do a great job at purifying the air!

A home office space can mean the difference between productive work sessions and procrastination. You won’t be pushed off the dining room table by your family or tempted to lounge on the couch. What’s more, you can hide away in your little area whenever you really want to focus. There’s just something special about having your own personal space where you can concentrate on your ambitions and let your ideas flow.

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