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What is “Reinvention in a box?”

Reinvention in a box is a unique online design service which allows you to have access to your own personal interior designer at a fraction of the cost. We design a room especially for you. We give you all the tools necessary to create your perfect space and let you put the room together based on your design.

Will you visit me?

We are an online internet service, so all correspondence will be done via email.

What do I do first?

Telephone us on our freephone number 0800-689-1117 and we will discuss the room/s you want to reinvent. We take you through the process step by step.

How do I send you all my information?

Email is always the easiest way to send us all your measurements and pictures! Don’t forget to scan any images from magazines you might like!

How long does it take for my box to arrive?

Your “Reinvention in a box” will be delivered 2 weeks after your information is received.

What will be in my box?

You will receive:

  • A Framed 3D rendered design of your perfect space.
  • Mood Board
  • Easy to Follow Floor Plan
  • Furnishings Index
  • Fabric, Wall & Paint Index
How do I know what furniture to buy?

Our furnishing index details all the furniture displayed in your design. It has the supplier and the link attached and all you need to do is click – purchase!

How do I know where to put my furniture?

Our easy to follow floor plan numbers all the furniture used and directs you where to place it in your room.

Will you advise me where to buy my fabric, wallcoverings and paint?

Yes, we will give you all the colour schemes and the suppliers details of where to buy them.

Where do I order my box?

Go onto our website www.leilalovesdesign.com and select Buy A Box, once payment has been received you will receive instructions on our welcome letter.

Where do I find my inspirational pictures?

We would recommend that you look at our inspirational gallery on our website but Pinterest and Houzz also can give you lots of inspiration. Don’t forget to look in interior magazines!

What if I have a budget?

All your designs are based around your budget and the items and suppliers used in the design will reflect that.

How do I measure my room?

All details will be clearly illustrated in our welcome letter.  All you must do is measure the width and length of your room wall to wall.

How many pictures do I send?

As many as possible so that we can really capture the desired style to create your perfect space.

What if I want to change things on my design?

We send you the design to approve before we send the box. You can make 2 revisions to the overall scheme if necessary.

Do you supply the furniture?

No, you go direct to the vendors so that you are paying retail prices rather than costly items from a traditional interior designers.

Can I incorporate furniture I already have in my design?

Of course we all have that favourite piece of furniture! All we need is a picture of the piece of furniture you want to keep and the measurements of its height, width and depth.

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